Welcome to CHMP

CHMP, Inc. was established and incorporated in 1968 as a Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Company. The firm expanded its services in 1975 with the addition of an Architectural Division. The current staff includes, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, CAD Operators and Clerical Support.


Our Services

Architectural Design

With emphasis on architect/client interaction we listen carefully. Then, with research and evaluation of our client’s needs, we strive to achieve unique and cost effective design solutions. While keeping this to the front, all assignments are developed with a sensitivity to alternate energy sources and environmental conditions.

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Landscape Architecture

Our professionals promote and design well planned facilities that are sensitive to man’s environmental needs. Each assignment is an opportunity for the improvement and preservation of the environment.

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Civil Engineering

CHMP’s beginnings were established in Civil Engineering and Surveying. Growing with the needs and demands of an ever expanding world, we continue to offer the expertise to guide communities and neighbors to shape the environment to suit their needs.

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CHMP Was Established And Incorporated In 1968

Our clients include government agencies, such as the Federal government, cities, townships, county highway departments, county drain commissioners, school districts and development authorities. Non-government clients of the firm include contractors, industries, land developers and private businesses.

Past Projects

Past projects include municipal, religious, educational, industrial, health care, commercial, institutional and residential building design, building renovations, energy management studies, site design, property surveying, wastewater treatment and collection systems, potable water distribution systems, stormwater systems, solid waste management, traffic and transportation projects, roadway and utility design, subdivisions, condominiums, industrial parks, mobile home parks, and recreational facilities.